Symbols of success™ custom web channel, raising the bar of independent video production.

We are proud to announce that has its own webchannel. Unlike other websites and companies that are using third party applications, we create all our technology for our video needs. When we first thought about making a web tv channel completely geared towards the internet we looked at other platforms but none gave us the freedom and the interactivity that we needed.

Web tv is definitely a new area in the internet and so we decided to try our hand at developing our own web tv technology. 5 months later we can say with confidence that we have one of the most innovative platforms for video distribution on the internet. Our web tv platform has features that no other third party platform has. Our unique position as a content producer and web tv technology company gives us an edge over everyone else on the industry. We know what content providers want, and we can create the technology to meet those demands.

Here is a list of some of the most important features of our webchannel: interface
  • Completely custom look:
  • We know that everyone wants to have a webchannel that integrates with the rest of your website's look.With the BVP everything is possible, there are no limits imposed by design. Let your imagination run wild
  • Custom video size:
  • The video size is not limited by the technology, depending on your target audience you may decide to have lower or higher size video files, streaming or progressive download, you choose. we can assist you in taking this decision depending on our study and experience but you always have the last word.
  • Interactivity:
  • Our main focus with our web tv platform otherwise known as "BVP platform" was to make something different. We didnt just wanted to have videos on the internet, but have interactive features that would help separate the experience from a normal tv and a normal web video.The result so far has been great, with features like:Multi lanuguage close captions, text information about the segment, hyperlinks depending on the video playing, syndication of videos through embeded code, keyboard controls for support to microsoft's web tv applications,xml subscription to the video playlist, and more
  • Innovative advertising features:
  • We have built a set of tools for advertisers that will fit any budget, idea or need.We have commercial inbetween segments, rotating banners, profiles and much more Contact us for more information about this opportunities.
  • Fast turnaround, fast updates:
  • We are constantly working on improving the webchannel, you can be sure that any bug, problem or new featured requested will be implemented very fast. We are dedicated to make our web tv platform "BVP" the most interactive, and advanced video platform in the world

This are only some of the features of the player, there are lots of things not mentioned here and other still in development, for more information please please contact us directly to our email, or call us to 305 302 5661. For more ways to reach us go to the contact page